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The future of the internet is here!

The AXEL.Network isn’t coming, it’s here. It’s live. A fully operational Masternode network bringing the future of the distributed web.

We’ve built our Content Distribution Network (CDN) from the ground up using distributed technologies to foster a movement from centralized systems to a decentralized world. It’s a network that will change how the internet handles data and bring quick and free private file-sharing to anyone, anywhere!

The future is decentralized. The future is AXEL.

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Be a part of the decentralized future:

The AXEL.Network was purpose-built to take full advantage of Masternode technology and we want operators, data centers, and decentralized advocates to help us realize the full potential of the network. As an AXEL Masternode holder, you will be an active stakeholder in building the largest decentralized network in the world, powering the next evolution in human connectivity. AXEL is partnered with a dedicated community of Masternode hosts to run the AXEL.Network.

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AXEL.Network: A Masternode project like no other

Our groundbreaking approach to how data is managed is powered by Masternodes and built with the same commitment to product innovation that has led to millions of people adopting our technology.

We create our technology for products with a purpose. To build every day value for consumers and businesses.

And the AXEL.Network is no different. It’s a Masternode project like no other. And we’re looking for a community to take part.

Powerful technology, highly rated products.

We’ve built products people use and enjoy centered around our unique patented technology. With a suite of professional and consumer apps, AXEL has already built products that provide content distribution and data custody.

These applications and many others will be revolutionized with blockchain and Masternode technology.

The AXEL.Network: Content distribution the right way

The internet of data can be better.

The AXEL.Network solves the problem of latency: Our vision is a network that powers the entire world of data.

And it should be so secure and protected that no matter where you are in the world you are provided with superior confidence in the custody of your data.

But it also needs to be built for the real world of data use. On the AXEL.Network, data handling is fast, cheap, efficient, and secure – adding real value to users of our network.

This will start a revolution for ecommerce, applications, and data.

That’s why we invented a better way to do it, join AXEL today and start enjoying the benefits of free private file-sharing!

Driven By A Distributed Engine

Under the hood of all the incredible products is a distributed network that will transform how data and content is moved and managed across the web. In fact it’s building an entirely new way for the internet.

Using the latest technologies we’re rebuilding the internet to be faster, securer, and greener.

InterPlanetary File System
(IPFS) Enabled.

SQL Distributed Database
(DDB) Enabled.

Global Masternode
Network Enabled.

AXEL is a Green
Proof-of-Stake (POS)
Utility Token.

A Global Network Delivering Speed, Stability, And Security

Distributed Is Better

A distributed network has many advantages over centralized architecture such as:

  • Decentralized: No single entity controls data
  • Democratic: A return of data custody to creators
  • Secure: Increased privacy and security using hashing
  • Empowering: IP protection for content creators
  • Accessible: New opportunities for users to join the digital economy

The AXEL.Network is primed to offer a real solution to a real problem – giving data custody back to the creators of data. This solution will only be possible in a distributed network, one that is free of the restrictions and risks that come from centralized systems.

It’s A Technology Ready To Use Today And Every Day
STAGE 1 Release Schedule: Q2 2019

AXEL-IPFS Pinning Facility

The facility provides an-easy-to use interface to upload and manage content such as tech, images, music, and videos to the distributed InterPlanetary File System (IPFS). Once files are pinned on the facility, they are immediately made available throughout the world without the limitations of centralized servers. It’s free private file-sharing for everyone!

Easily move and manage images, videos, and other content to the IPFS.

AXEL-IPFS Global Search Engine

The search engine provides a comprehensive portal to search the entire IPFS system including data uploaded through the pinning facility. The search engine extends the IPFS by adding important metadata to data stored on the IPFS for easy searching and categorization.

The first IPFS search engine that allows for the addition of metadata.

AXEL Web Wallet

The web wallet provides a complete digital wallet for the AXEL Utility Token. Securely send, receive, and track AXEL Tokens from the convenience of a simple web interface.

A complete and secure web wallet to send and receive AXEL Tokens.

AXEL Desktop Wallet

Secure, send, and manage AXEL Tokens with the desktop wallet. The desktop wallet is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Secure desktop wallets are available for Windows, macOS, and Linux.


AXEL GO provides all the power of AXEL IPFS and Desktop Wallet on the go! Transfer, share, and send files right from your mobile device around the block, or around the world! AXEL GO brings free private file-sharing to anyone, anywhere, at any time!

It’s A Technology Ready To Use Today And Every Day

One of the core elements of the AXEL.Network will be the AXEL Exchange, a distributed and decentralized digital commerce platform.

The AXEL Exchange will be a means for content creators to sell their content directly to buyers without the need for middlemen websites that charge outrageous fees and rob them of their data custody and control of their content. A peer-to-peer platform where both buyer and seller benefit.

The AXEL.Network will become the preferred blockchain destination for users who value their data custody and want to participate in the digital economy in a secure, protected, and robust digital environment.

AXEL.Network D-APP Release Schedule
STAGES 2-5: Q3 2019+

But we’ve already come a long way:

We’re not new to decentralized and distributed technology and we’re always hungry to improve.

And over the last year we’ve hit some huge milestones:

Doubled our users and sustained growth

Maintained positive ratings in The Google Play and App Store for our applications

Released new features and products onto our platform including AXEL Pay and Virtual Drive

Awarded 4 new patents

Submitted 4 blockchain patents

Built out our network

Built a growing social community

And the word is getting out.

Plus we’ve got a great and growing team backed by decades of tech and business experience:

Be part of the future

The future of the digital economy is distributed. Like what the car was to the horse so will distributed networks be to centralized ecosystems – a clear dividing line between an archaic outdated system and a fresh new development that will forever change all digital commerce, applications, and data management.

This really is a Masternode project like no other

You can be part of one of the most exciting projects to date:

Experienced team that has created multiple successful businesses

Existing products and technology used by millions

Vibrant community of loyal supporters

Day-one adoption of the AXEL Utility Token

Participate today

AXEL is looking for Masternode operators, data-centers, and decentralization proponents interested in building the AXEL.Network.