Our AXEL Web Wallet is a convenient, secure way to store your AXEL Tokens. Access to your tokens requires an encrypted, private key. Brute force cracking a private key is practically impossible. However, if you lose it or it gets compromised, you need to move your tokens to a different personal address with another private key.

You can also store AXEL Tokens on the AXEL Wallet for desktops. Keep in mind, the desktop version is only as secure as your device and password combination. If someone can access your device, and has your password, they can access the AXEL Wallet. Risks of this are lowered if you follow common cybersecurity best practices. AXEL Wallet is open source, which significantly reduces the chances of bugs or hidden vulnerabilities. Critical data like passwords is encrypted and only stored locally on your device.

Do not install the AXEL Wallet on unknown or unsecured devices. This
includes devices connected to public or otherwise insecure WiFi networks.

Pairing your AXEL Wallet to a hardware wallet provides an additional layer of security. The best hardware wallets offer physical protection features, such as a button that needs to be pressed to gain access. These functions can prevent hackers from stealing funds remotely. Using hardware wallets in combination with the AXEL Wallet should give you confidence that your tokens are secure.