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You have the opportunity to become a Masternode holder.

The AXEL.Network is powered by a Masternode community working to secure and authenticate the network.

As an AXEL Masternode holder, you will be an active stakeholder in building the largest decentralized network in the world, powering the next evolution of human connectivity. AXEL is partnered with a dedicated community of Masternode hosts to run the AXEL.Network.

There’s more than one way to contribute to the future: We wanted to ensure both easy access to participation and stability for the network so we created a tiered Masternode system.

Tier 1 Masternode

Tier 1 Masternodes carry both the decentralized distributed database (DDB) as well as a complete copy of the blockchain. Tier 1 Masternodes are deployed across the globe to ensure access from virtually anywhere in the world. All Tier 1 Masternodes are owned and operated by AXEL. This allows AXEL to ensure the network’s integrity and service delivery regardless of the status of Tier 2 and Tier 3 Masternode deployment. The AXEL.Network hosts a total of 50 Tier 1 Masternodes.

Tier 2 Masternode

Tier 2 Masternodes are the workhorses of the AXEL.Network. Managed by independent node operators, the Tier 2 Masternodes all host a copy of the blockchain and perform functions including IPFS gateway, DDB support for the DDBaaS platform offering, and Masternode wallet hosting. The AXEL.Network hosts a total of 1500 Tier 2 Masternodes.

Tier 3 Masternode

Tier 3 Masternodes host IPFS gateways to enable users from anywhere in the world a quick and easy portal to allow for storage, sharing, and management of digital content stored on the IPFS. The AXEL.Network hosts a total of 4000 Tier 3 Masternodes.

For more information on our Masternodes please review the Masternode Supplement Document:
Supplement to AXEL White Paper V2.0 – AXEL Masternodes

Proof-of-Stake (PoS) Consensus: Secure, Green, Sustainable, and Fast

The AXEL.Network incorporates a proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus algorithm for the purpose of transaction approval and updates to the AXEL.Network. Proof-of-stake consensus mechanisms require that each Masternode host stake a specified number of tokens in order to operate the node being deployed to the AXEL.Network.

This stake is considered collateral within the network to ensure the proper operation of each Masternode. In return for staking collateral, the Masternode host is given a reward (in the form of tokens) for their participation in the network. Proof-of-stake node holders have a vested interest in the security, integrity, and overall success of the blockchain associated with the network.

AXEL Masternodes form a Green, Eco-Friendly, Blockchain Network!
AXEL is a Green
Proof-of-Stake (POS)
Utility Token.

How Staking Works and What It Delivers

Masternode Tier Structure and Functional Assets

Masternode Tier Level Masternode Functional Assets
Tier 1 Masternode IPFS Pinning Facility; IPFS Gateway; Root DDB; AXEL Master Wallet
Tier 2 Masternode IPFS Pinning Facility; IPFS Gateway; DDB Support; Masternode Wallet
Tier 3 Masternode IPFS Gateway; Masternode Wallet

What Taking Part Means

As with all Masternode networks, the AXEL Masternodes will generate AXEL Tokens to power the AXEL.Network and to compensate the Masternode holders for their participation in growing and maintaining the AXEL.Network.

Tokens generated by the AXEL.Network are awarded to Masternode holders in the following fashion:

Tier (# of Nodes) Required Token Stake (Collateral) Token Price* Cost Per Node* Estimated Annualized Token Reward Before July 2020** Estimated Annualized Token Reward After July 2020**
Tier 1 (50) 1,000,000 $0.20 $200,000 1% 10%
Tier 2 (1500) 50,000 $0.20 $10,000 6% 25%
Tier 3 (4000) 5,000 $0.20 $1,000 5% 20%

*Please note that the token price and the cost per node are exemplary and subject to change. Should the cost of the token be reduced due to promotions, events or other rewards, the token price and cost per node would be affected.

**Please also note that the token rewards prior to July 2020 are reduced to 15 tokens per block while the nodes are being deployed. Token rewards beyond July 2020 will be 61 tokens per block. Annualized rewards are based on all nodes being deployed. Please see the AXEL.Network website for further details on block rewards.

NOTE: The AXEL.Network will generate a total of 1 Billion tokens. Based on the above block rewards, the network will cease to generate tokens approximately 8 years after launch. Please note that block awards shown are for year 2 through year 8. Block rewards in year one are reduced to allow the organic growth of the AXEL.Network and to allow time for Masternode operators to join the network. Block awards shown in the table above are shared among all nodes at the specified tier. Nodes that fail to meet the staking requirements or that are not online and running are not eligible for block awards.

What’s Needed To Operate A Masternode: Configuration and System Requirements

Experienced Masternode holders can choose to set up their AXEL Masternode independently, or you may choose to work with AXEL through our Masternode Onboarding Program. You may also choose to host the Masternode on your own device or you may wish to have the Masternode hosted for you.

The following table provides the minimum requirements for each Masternode tier:

Tier 2 Masternode
System Requirements

Dedicated VPS with Dedicated
IP Address (IPv6)

Ubuntu 16.04 x64


8GB Ram

4000GB Monthly Bandwidth

Tier 3 Masternode
System Requirements

Dedicated VPS with Dedicated
IP Address (IPv6)

Ubuntu 16.04 x64


2GB Ram

1000GB Monthly Bandwidth

Token Allocation

• The total token supply will be 1 billion. Token allocation is as follows:

• Participation in the token event requires acceptance of contractual terms by the participant and AXEL’s acceptance of the participant.

• AXEL has prepared an Offering Memorandum that includes risk factors and additional disclosures for AXEL tokens.

• Payments will be accepted via USD, ETH, or BTC. No tokens will be distributed until payment due is received in full.

• All participants are subject to Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) review. Information and documentation required includes: name, address, proof of residency, and government issued ID. We may request additional documentation from U.S. participants to verify status as an accredited investor and from businesses entities to verify operational status.

• A KYC/AML questionnaire will be sent upon confirmed engagement with the participation program.

It’s Really A No Brainer

We’ve fused together the best format for blockchain with fast and efficient distributed technologies and mixed in our own innovative thinking on building out content and data management.

GREAT TECH + PRODUCT + ADOPTION = A great Masternode project

Tier 2 and Tier 3 Masternodes Available 2019

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