What is AXEL Go

AXEL Go is a quick and easy way to transfer your files while on the go. That’s why we’ve created a way for you to send files directly from your mobile device with express delivery to anyone, anywhere, instantly! Our technology operates on a decentralized network, which allows for greater privacy as data passes through a single point rather than through a number of different points. It is built to harness the power of both IPFS (Interplanetary File System) and Blockchain simultaneously. Both are decentralized technologies but IPFS provides the power of file encryption along with a more secure form of retrieving content. With IPFS, content is called by a unique hash, rather than by its location address on some centralized server. This approach alleviates users of having to keep their files on one centralized server that could expose all of their data if its’ security was ever compromised. Combining these two forces is what gives us the unique advantage of being able to encrypt, store, and share large files in a secure way where data remains private

What do I use AXEL Go for?

AXEL Go is a 3-in-1 tool. You can use it to collect, store or share files securely. Some people use it for all three, while others use it for whichever of the three adds the most value to their existing tech stack or workflow.

Can I have fewer than 5 users on my Business Plan?

Yes. AXEL Go’s Business Plan includes a minimum of 5 users, but you don’t have to use them all right away. You always have the option of saving the reusable licenses for clients or contract employees.

Is there an admin in the Business Plan?

Yes. You choose the admin from your team and their user profile can invite other users to and delete other users from the plan. They can also set permissions on a folder and document level within the group storage.

Why is AXEL Go Basic free?

We believe that data privacy is a human right and so our Basic plan is a free product. While there are fewer features and storage in a Basic plan, it is still a very secure way to share files.

How do I sign-up for a trial?

Sign up for a free 14-day trial of AXEL Go Premium here. No credit card or annual contract is required. When ready to subscribe, keep Premium for $9.99 a month or try AXEL Go Business Plan starting at $59.99 per month. AXEL Go Basic is free. If you are a member of a bar association and would like to know if a discount is available to you, see our partners here.

What is Password and Passphrase?

Password is used for access for example logging into your AXEL Go account or opening a secure share. A password typically containes a string of characters using upper and lower case charaters, numbers, special symbols and you can also include spaces. If you forget your password, you can reset your password if you have access to the verfication code that is required during the reset.

Passphrase is used to “unlock” items in AXEL Go for example an encrypted file. A passphrase contains a string of words like a phrase or a quote. If you forget your passphrase, there is no way for us to recovery it. You will have to setup a new passphrase which means that any items “lock” with the old passphrase cannot be “unlock” any more. So it is very imnportant that you write down your passphrase and save it in a secured place. You can provide a hint when you setup your passphrase to help you recall your passphrase. So be sure to make the hint meaningful but only you know what it is hinting. Example if your passphrase is the name of your favorite vacation spot, your hint can be “next vacation”.

How can I delete my account?

You can delete your account all by yourself.

Navigate to ‘Subscription’


In Subscription management page on the right side you will see a ‘Delete account’ option, click on ‘Delete Account’.

Click on ‘continue’

You need to enter the Verification code. Verification code is to the registered email Id, Enter the code and click on ‘Delete account’ button.

Click on ‘’DELETE ACCOUNT’ the account is now permanently deleted from the AXEL Go. All files shared previously, documents stored in online storage will no longer be accessible.

If you need help, simply reach us at AXEL Support by email, chat or call and we will ensure it is completely removed from the AXEL system.

How to recover deleted files?

If the file is pinned then you can no longer recover the files. If the files is saved in online storage or CloudLocker then the deleted files can be recovered from Trash.

Are there any tokens provided on Premium account?

Yes, user’s subscribed to Premium account is awarded 2 fuel tokens every month on renewal date irrespective whether user subscribed for monthly or yearly billing. These 2 tokens can be only used for AXEL Go services like – Share while your account is active. In the event of any issues of token not received on time please contact Customer Support and will be able to resolve the issues quickly.

How to buy AXEL token?

Additional fuel tokens can be purchased through AXEL Go’s mobile app. Simplily go to your wallet which is located under the MENU and select BUY NOW.

I don’t get your emails

One of the big reasons that your emails go to spam is that spam filtering has become more rigorous. Webmail providers are simply cracking down on spam. However, the filters aren’t 100% accurate, so sometimes legit emails go to spam too. We recommend you mark at least one of our email as Not Spam and the filters will work to keep legit emails directly to your Inbox.

Why token is required on AXEL Go platform?

Since AXEL Go uses blockchain technology to record the transaction of the shares. AXEL Fuel token is used to complete the transaction. You can create plenty of shares with AXEL Go starter token. You need not know anything about Blockchain or Cryptocurrencies to use AXEL Go.

Can I get a refund on an AXEL Go subscription?

Most payments for AXEL Go subscriptions aren’t refundable. If you have an issue with your AXEL Go account or think there’s been an error in billing, please reach us at support@axel.network.

If you purchased your AXEL Go subscription through the Apple app store, you’d have to request your refund from Apple directly. To request a refund, follow these instructions from the Apple support page:

  1. Sign in to your App Store account here and report a problem with a purchase.
  2. Click Report a Problem next to the AXEL Go app.
  3. Choose a problem, write a description, and click Submit.
  4. Apple will contact you with a decision on your refund request.

Note: Apple only accepts refund requests for purchases made within the last 90 days.