Mar 30, 2021

New Business Subscription Tier

We are excited to announce the new Premium Business Account

Now organizations of all sizes can extend AXEL Go’s privacy and security features to their employees. Business plans come with 5 Premium accounts and an extra 100GB of shared storage space.  You can purchase additional accounts at a discounted price, making it the most flexible, and easiest way to improve your company’s cybersecurity.


 Mar 30, 2021

New Premium Trials

New subscribers now receive all Premium AXEL Go features

Try AXEL Go for free and get a taste of its Premium features for 14-days. After the two-week trial period, you will have the option of continuing the Premium service for a reasonable monthly/yearly fee or switch to a Basic Account with 2GB of storage space. 

Exclusive Premium features include:

  • No file size limits for sharing
  • Encrypted storage options  
  • 10GB of secure online storage
  • Plugins for popular email clients
  • Multi-Factor Authentication option for logins
  • Multi-Factor Authentication option to access stored files

Sign up today and enjoy the full AXEL Go experience. This offer is valid only for new subscribers.

Feature Improvement

 Mar 21, 2021

Private Share

Use the ‘Private Share’ feature to ensure confidential file transfers. You simply enter the email address of the recipient, then only they can access the file. When opened, you receive a confirmation notification and the peace of mind that only AXEL Go provides. 

Feature Improvement

 Mar 18, 2021

A more intuitive way to organize your files

We added folder trees to make navigation and file organization easier. Just Drag-and-Drop any of your documents into the folder of your choice to declutter your storage. 

Feature Improvement

 Mar 03, 2021

Account deletion without the hassle

We put you in charge of your data at all times. If, for any reason, you want to delete your account, just navigate to the Subscription page and click the ‘Delete’ button. Enter the verification code and confirm your choice.  No run-around or convoluted processes. All of your files and data are then deleted and cannot be restored. 

New Feature

 Mar 02, 2021

Outlook users can now utilize AXEL Go within the client. By using this plugin, you can:

  • Stop using unsafe, traditional email attachments
  • Drag-and-Drop documents to create secure file sharing links instantly
  • Control access to your shared files using customizable security settings
  • Save others’ attachments directly to your AXEL Go online storage