Activity Logs

June 24, 2022

Group/Business members’ activities are now logged.

Whenever members share or upload files to Group or Business storage, those activities are recorded as logs and available for the admin to view. Actions like copying, moving, or even renaming files are added to the activity log. Admin can filter by members, by date range, or even by type of activities to view the recorded logs from the admin panel.


June 7, 2022

Use eSignature to sign PDF documents quickly

How often do you find eSign documents comfortably on Desktop or Mobile? signing a document using AXEL Go is as easy as signing on your mobile with your finger, even if the PDF is on a desktop/laptop. Just open the PDF from online storage or if someone shared it with you using AXEL Go – Private Share on your Desktop/Laptop then select eSign from the menu and choose ‘Using Mobile’. Now, scan the QR code using a mobile device and sign on the screen displayed. When done, just tap on Submit. The signature is automatically added to the PDF that you had opened on your desktop/laptop. You can now save the PDF by clicking Exit eSign and clicking Save the documents.

Tier Plans

May 4, 2022

Group and Business Plan

We are excited to release new tier plans – Group and Business. The existing business plan is renamed the Group plan. The new tier business plan consists of 250 GB of encrypted business storage. Twenty-five accounts with Premium features and the difference in the business account are there is no personal storage.


April 4, 2022

Easily find the shares created either by

  • Share notes
  • Filename
  • Expiration date.