Sep 30, 2021

You can lock your file stored in your online storage so that only you can access the file even if someone has access to your account. 2-Factor Authentication is also a helpful feature in group storage where you can give a limited number of people access to the file instead of everyone who has access to the group storage. To lock your file, select the ellipsis icon and click ‘2FA Lock.’ Next, enter the 6-digit code sent to your registered email and click on LOCK.


 Sep 16, 2021

When you create a private share, you will be able to get a status report on how many times your share is viewed, opened and downloaded with timestamps for you to track. To view the status report, click on ‘Share‘ then ‘Private Share,’ and finally ‘Report‘ from the menu. 

Secure Fetch

 Jul 29, 2021

Use the ‘Private Share’ feature to ensure confidential file transfers. You simply enter the email address of the recipient, then only they can access the file. When opened, you receive a confirmation notification and the peace of mind that only AXEL Go provides. 


 Jul 6, 2021

The Group Storage Admin can now control viewing and editing permissions for folders. The ‘Access‘ setting only allows for viewing content, whereas the ‘Edit‘ permission allows users to download and edit files within the folder.