Use Secure Fetch to collect documents, including MAC times. MAC times are a form of metadata that records when files were created, modified, and accessed in the operating system.

Collecting files with metadata involve a three-step process:

  1. Create/Share Secure Fetch link by enabling metadata setting
  2. Upload the files using the Secure Fetch link
  3. Review the uploaded files using ‘Certificate of Authenticity.’

Create/Share Secure Fetch link with a metadata setting

  1. Click on the ‘NEW SECURE FETCH’ button.
  • Click on the toggle switch to enable ‘Include metadata.’
  • Click on ‘CREATE LINK’.

Note: AXEL Go will create a unique link to open using AXEL Go desktop app. Click here to download desktop

  • Share the link.



Upload the files using Secure Fetch link

At the recipient’s end:

  1. Open the link on the desktop browser where you want to collect the documents with metadata.

Note: All you need is Desktop App installed – You no need to have an AXEL Go account to upload files using this Secure Fetch

  • You can either click and select the files to add or Drag & Drop the files and folders you want to collect into the opened pop-up window.
  • Once done, click on UPLOAD button to send the document.


Review the collected files using ‘Certificate of Authenticity’

At the owner’s end:

  1. Click on the Secure Fetch link with an orange boomerang icon or click on the ‘OPEN’ button to view the uploaded files


  • Set expiration date and click on the ‘ACCEPT’ button to collect the files.


  • From the Secure Fetch share menu, click on ‘Certificate’ to view preserved MAC times of each file along with the file hash.


  • You can also download the certificate

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