AXEL takes security seriously. Our website, utilizes the HTTPS protocol to ensure a secure connection is always made. If you visit a site you think is AXEL related but do not see the “Lock” icon next to the URL, leave immediately. It is not our legitimate, authenticated website.

Sign up an AXEL account wih a strong Password and Passphrase. All AXEL Go accounts include the web wallet. Your private key is encrypted and only your password can decrypt it. Account holders also choose a Passphrase. Then, they can reset their Passwords by using the Passphrase and vice versa. Even AXEL cannot decrypt or reset your Password and Passphrase, so commit them to memory.

We recommend utilizing Two Factor – Authentication for your AXEL account. 2FA goes beyond the input of a username and password to provide an extra layer of security. 2FA methods rely on a user providing a password, as well as a second factor, usually a security token or biometric scan.

AXEL Go also automatically logs users out of their accounts after a certain amount of time and sends notifications when accounts are used on unknown devices. All of these safeguards make for a very secure platform.