How does AXEL keep my account secured?

We ensure your journey with AXEL Go is safe from the moment you land on our site. Our website, utilizes the HTTPS protocol to ensure a secure connection is always made.

AXEL Go is committed to ensuring your digital security and privacy at all times. You can protect your account by creating a strong password and also setting up 2FA authentication for login. In your account, you can also create a passphrase to protect for additional security. Your passwords and passphrases are yours and yours alone. Not even AXEL can decrypt or reset your Password and Passphrase, so don’t forget them!

AXEL Go also automatically logs users out of their accounts after a certain amount of time and sends notifications when accounts are used on unknown devices. All of these safeguards ensure that your account is never compromised.

How does AXEL keep my files secured?

AXEL Go is built with some of the most secure technologies such as blockchain and IPFS to protect your files on the interface and when collaborating with others. In addition, you can lock your most important files in your online storage with 2FA authentication.

When sharing or retrieving files, users can.

These features help prevent unauthorized access to your files. You can adjust your security level based on your own preferences.